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Why Dive?

Dive helps young people with stressful urban lives streamline their social calendar. We provide quick and easy access to events, services, and new friends! The app not only provides a safe way to meet in real life, but also helps vendors and organizers design events and sell more tickets.

One-Stop Social

Dive is not only a marketplace for events, but also a great way to find friends and get to know each other. Create free Hangouts and let other users join you in your city, college campus, or whilst you travel. Hang out in real life! Make dinner plans; go on coffee-break outings; find a gym buddy or a fellow museum lover - the choice is yours!

Create Moments

Make your profile page fun and exciting with the help of Moments. Introduce yourself in a better way with our originally designed stickers, filters and drawing tools - helping you create personalised photos and videos to share with others. On the main screen, you can view the Moments of other users, which you can like, comment on and share. Show your life to the world and get to know more about the people around you.

Design Events

Use the app's built-in features to create beautiful invitations or event posters. With original stickers, filters and more, Dive helps you make creative designs within a minute. Need help? We also provide consulting services and ideas for better events, helping you sell more tickets!


Chat with people around you by searching for users using recommended tags, personal preferences and activities. Say "Hi!" to anyone and get to know them, or follow those you'd love to be good friends with. Chatting is super fun and easy with our unique features.


Use our awesome filters for your photos. Are you feeling a 90's retro vibe, or do space-like filters fit your style better? You can make your Moments or Hangouts even more eye-catching by adding typographic effects. Be your own artist.

Earn Gifts and Likes in Dive Wallet

Collect likes and points in your profile. Your friends can send you super likes and fun gifts like Birthday cakes or Thank You cards featuring Big Yellow - our very own mascot!

How The App Works?


Sign up for your account on Dive by simply creating a username and profile. Upload your best profile photo, add personalized tags, and express your mood.


The minute you start creating and uploading your moments, the chances of making new friends around you will increase. The key is to keep creating and let others learn more about you by building up your profile. Be as real and genuine as possible.

Say Hi!

Use the homepage to discover new users or users nearby. See anyone you really like? Say Hi!


Know of some cool events? Maybe you just want to chill at a nearby coffee shop or you've found an awesome sample sale in your neighbourhood? Let others know about it and see who'd be up for joining you!

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Organizer Features

Organize awesome events in less than 60 seconds. It's free to start and easy to use! Event organizers could directly communicate with atendees and sell tickets easily through the digital payments. One-stop station for event organizers to poster design, promote, and financial management.



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